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How does the sweepstake work?
The competition runs from  November 2020 - 15 January 2021.

You decide how many tickets you wish to buy, complete the correct form, pay your money into the Karabo-inc bank account & send us the form with proof of payment.
As soon as we have proof that the money is in the account, we will send you an email with your ticket(s) and your ticket number(s) - if you do not have an email account we will SMS or WhatsApp it to you.
You will also receive the 18A letter and competition letter within 30 days of having purchased your tickets for TAX & B-BBEE purposes.
Your ticket number(s) automatically goes into the draw on the 16th of January 2021.
The prize winners will be informed on Monday 18 January 2021 - via our Facebook page, website and email | WhatsApp | SMS.
Each prize winner will have till Friday 22 January 2021 to let us know their preference for the prize(s) they won.
The prizes will then be finalised and boxed for delivery.
Final delivery will be made by Friday 12 February 2021 - just in time for a special Valentine celebration.

As easy as that!


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STEP ONE - choose this form if you are an

individual ticket buyer

Individuals goes into a separate draw for the sweepstake, to give you a fair opportunity in this sweepstake. We do not want you to compete against companies who can afford bigger numbers of tickets.

The form is important for us to ensure that we have all your details to contact you if you are one of the winners..

STEP ONE - choose this form if you are an

company | organisation buying a ticket

Companies & organisations go into a separate draw for the sweepstake, to give individuals and companies an equal opportunity in this sweepstake. There are additional prizes for companies that will not be relevant to individuals.

The form is important for us to ensure that we have all your details to contact you if you are one of the winners..

WHY MUST I | we Complete the form?

The form is vital for us to ensure we have all your correct details. We do not want you to be a winner and then we don't know where to deliver your prize to. It is also the best way to connect payments with the correct sweepstake entry.

Thanks for your co-operation. PLEASE be assured that NONE of your details will be shared with any third party. We value your privacy.

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STEP two - pay for your ticket(s)

Decide how many tickets you want to enter into the sweepstake and make sure you indicate it on the form.
Make your payment into the Karabo-inc account. You can do an EFT or pay at any Nedbank.

  • Account Name: Karabo

  • Bank: Nedbank

  • Type of Account: Cheque Account

  • Account Number: 1186219572

  • Branch Code: Cresta 191305 

  • Swift Code: EDSZAJJ

  • Reference:  Your Name & Surname | Company Name (This is really important so we can match your payment with your details.)

Please make sure you send us Proof of Payment to the following email account:

Or you can attach it to your form as in STEP ONE above.

WHAT about the "code" of the person who marketed this sweepstake to me | us?

Our unemployed learners, staff, friends, colleagues & various other people are part of the marketing team for this sweepstake. Each one of them  have an unique code, so that we can track who marketed to who and when someone they marketed to buys a ticket or tickets, they deserve the commission for their hard work, commitment and dedication. PLEASE make sure that you complete the code on the form before you send the form to us.

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STEP three - CHECK YOUR INBOX for the confirmation of your tickets

We will send you an email with your tickets within 24 hours of confirmation of payment made. If you don't get it, please check your "junk"mail and if it is not in there, contact us and let us know as soon as possible. Email address is

Your tickets is proof of your numbers and that you are automatically entered into the respective draws. It is also part of your B-BBEE & TAX documentation when needed for audit purposes.

You do not have to produce your ticket for the draw. If you received it, we have your numbers in the system and you will be in the draw automatically.

You also do not have to be at the draw to be a winner. (Unless you want to be, then you are welcome.) We are sure you don't want to have around for a 1000+ prize draws, but we can guarantee you it will be done under the strict eye of our financial accounting company who will be there every step of the way.

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STEP four - share this sweepstake with others

Please share this sweepstake with your friends, family, colleagues & social media connections. This is a crowdsourcing initiative and the more we can share this, the more tickets we can sell, the better the prizes and more people we can help.

You also have a HR department at your company, please share this sweepstake with your HR Manager or the Manager in charge of B-BBEE at your company. This is a sweepstake that will really be of value to your company.

It feels great to help others.


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STEP five - have a great day

2020 was a horrible year for all of us. We are all looking forward to a better 2021, but we can still choose to have a great day today. That is our wish for you, that today will bring you joy. That by buying a ticket or tickets, it will bring you joy to know that you have made a difference in  a lot of people's lives.

We really hope you win the prize you wish for.


...the "Finish 2021 Strong" Calendars?

Everyone who had bought 4 - or multiple of fours - tickets before the 18th of December will receive their calendar(s) via courier on Monday 28 December 2020 

Thereafter (from Friday 01 January 2021) we will send out the calendars every Friday for those who bought their tickets after the 18th of December 2020.

Our hope is that the majority of tickets will be sold before the 18th of December, so that as many as possible people could receive their calendar(s) in time to set their goals for the new year. That way you could START the year strong, not only FINISH it strong.

This prize does not have to wait for the draw, it is a gift that will give on a weekly basis till the sweepstake comes to a close. Lots of them!

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...THE "MAKE THEM SMILE" project?

The question is: "How will we be able to run the "Make Them Smile" Project if the sweepstake only comes to an end middle January?"

Good question.

  1. The Christmas lunch, food parcels and gifts for the kids - we have identified a whole lot of families that really could do with a smile, and we will accommodate as many as possible based on the number of sweepstake tickets sold by the 8th of December 2020. Remember one 1/5th of the proceeds will immediately be put aside for the community outreach part of this project. We are also working on donations for the food parcels and toys for the kids, so we are not totally dependent on the ticket sales a,lone.

  2. The stationery supplies for the new school year - schools only opens on the 20th of January 2021 and the sweepstake closes on the 15th of January. That gives us a week to hustle and get those packs ready for the kids already identified in need of a new year smile.

We wish we could help a lot more families & kids, but we cannot. We can help some families and we can take hands with welfare organisations that does amazing work already, so rather than do nothing because we are so overwhelmed with the need out there, we are doing something and planting one seed at a time..

HOW will my prize(s) be delivered?

Some of the rewards will be emailed to you, some will be couriered and some will be delivered in person. We will confirm with you in person and if you are away for the holidays we will hear from you when and where it needs to be delivered.

That is why it is so important that you complete the correct form and the form correctly. That is the only way we will be able to connect to you in person.

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Get your tickets...

Now that you know all you need to know to do the deed...