The Xmas wishlist SWEEPSTAKE


The bottom line:

It is a crowdsourcing fundraiser for:

  • 🌻 AkukhanYa @A Group; 

  • 🌻 Out of the Box - Germiston;

  • 🌻 Out of the Box - Albertskroon;

  • 🌻 our unemployed learners;

  • 🌻 our skills trainers who also run small businesses as a second income;

  • 🌻 our local communities;

  • 🌻 families in need &

  • 🌻 welfare organisations we have supported before 2020 hit us all hard and bad.

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The longer version of the story to the sweepstake competition is:

AkukhanYa @A Group, Out of the Box Skills Training Centre & the communities we work in have been hit hard by the Corona Virus pandemic and international lock downs. All training was stopped, donations dried up and companies that have always supported us are in the process of getting back on their feet. We have been fortunate to keep our doors open and continue with our work but like all companies, and people in South Africa, we are feeling the effects of lockdown on our bottom line.

November, December & January are traditionally quiet months for education and skills training companies, and under normal circumstances, we budget in advance for these months. 2020 has not been normal circumstances! As we are all so well aware of. Budgeting has not been possible this year. 

Our skills trainers who all run small companies as a second income have also been hit really hard and have had NO income for months.

The communities we serve have been the worst hit of all in South Africa, as they are the most vulnerable of our SA workforce. They experienced the biggest percentage of retrenchments and layoffs in the country. (2, 200, 000.00+ women have been retrenched in South Africa to date and these figures are rising daily.)

The welfare organisations we work in association with are also seeing increasing numbers of families in dire need.

Our learners share heartbreaking stories of families they know (some of these their own) and who have been hard hit with very little hope for the coming holiday season.

We don't want handouts and we really wish to help our small entrepreneurs (skills trainers). We also want to support the welfare organisations with some funds to relieve some stress with their work over the next couple of months. We want to assist our learners and we dream of a big Christmas lunch with food parcels, gifts, and stationery supplies for the kids of a number of families we have identified so far. (SPECIAL NOTE: These are NOT only black families, but families of all races.)

After looking at all the various possibilities open to us and some serious brainstorming, we realised that "crowdsourcing" was the best way to do this with a win-win for everybody.

Crowdsourcing where  everyone  benefits, not just our organisations.

The Xmas Wishlist Sweepstake Competition is the crowdsourcing option we realised will be a great way for us to achieve all our goals.

An ambitious competition we know, but a realistic one.

Our aim is to sell 8 000 tickets to break even but or ultimate goal is to sell 12 000 to provide everyone with a buffer for the beginning of 2021, as nobody yet knows what the new year will bring.

The majority of the prizes are made by the skills trainers we contracts, local businesses, and even some of our learners. The rest of the prizes are all proudly South African products and will be a great source of income for these small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The income through this sweepstake will be divided as follows:

  • 1/5 will be used to support the small business by paying them for the prizes (more about these businesses here)

  • 1/5 will go towards our various community outreach initiatives - including the Christmas party & gifts (more about these initiatives here)

  • 1/5 will go towards supporting Out of the Box Skills Centre in Germiston (more about this centre here)

  • 1/5 will go towards supporting Out of the Box Skills Centre in Albertskroon (more about this centre here)

  • & finally, 1/5 will go towards to supporting AkukhanYa @A Group over the following months (more about AkukhanYa's Germiston hub here)

The cost of the tickets is R250.00 A rather good price if we consider the huge number of really amazing prizes that can be won.

What does this mean in monetary terms?

If we sell all 8 000 tickets that means R400,00.00 split each. way - just Imagine what great things can be done with that kind of money.

If we reach the dream of 12,000 ticket sales that is a whopping R600,000.00 split each way - and more than the financial relieve for the centres, it means R600,000.00 towards small business and R600,000.00 towards our community outreach. Wow! The mind boggles at the joy it will bring to families in despair right now. This is why we are thinking so big and so ambitious.

But, we need help with this plan of ours and the help we need is YOU!

Yes, YOU!

Remember it is about...

One ticket at a time! One seed that makes a HUGE difference!


The go-to pages

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Why a Sweepstake  Competition for a training company? Its more than a sweepstake, it is a way where everyone involved wins - find out here why we are doing this.

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Every question you may have about this competition will be answered right here.

Check it out for yourself. And if we missed a question - let us know.

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The "Finish 2021 Calendar is not a traditional monthly calendar. It is a short term and long term goal planning ïnstrument. It is unique and highly effective.

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The prizes are truly unique in the sense that they are made by the people who will benefit most from this raffle competition. OR, they are proudly South African.

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AkukhanYa is the host company for this raffle competition. We are proud of our different divisions and that we are able to help so many others unemployed have hope.

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The Germiston skills training centre of Out of the Box has changed hundreds of lives over the past 20+ years.  Most of the prizes are made by ex learners and small entrepreneurs..

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Out of the Box opened their 2nd skills training centre in Albertskroon the day after lockdown was announced. It was a big blow, but they have kept going & deserve support.

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AkukhanYa & Out of the Box supports a number of welfare organisations and a very big sommunity. The need is real and we can address some of that need with the sweepstake.

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Prize Makers

The majority of prizes are made by our small entrepreneurs who have been hit VERY hard in 2020. Meet the inspiring & truly amazing people that is behind the raffle's prizes.

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The sellers of these tickets are mostly our own unemployed learners, staff & the entrepreneurs. Anybody can sell and earn an income for the holiday season ahead.

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Buy a ticket

 When you have read everything about this sweepstake and is ready to buy a ticket (or 10) go here. It is quite easy - just do it, as Nike likes to say. Together we are strong

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We have applied for Snapscan & Ozow, but these applications take time and as soon as we have it set up we will also launch the online shop to buy your tickets directly from this website.