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GETTING TO Know English Centre

Jacqueline assisted GTKEC with their accreditation process in 2010. When they changed ownership, the new owners formed a partnership with AkukhanYa in 2016, where we would continue as their accreditation officer and also be the project manager for all training on the qualification. Since then GTKEC has expanded their qualification and AkukhanYa went into partnership to offer the training through learnerships at our Fu-Za @A training hub in Germiston.

It is a mutually beneficial relationship and a very fruitful one as well. GTKEC is located in Hatfield Pretoria and offers excellent English courses to foreigners and locals alike.

Out of the Box skills training centre

Jacqueline met the founder of Out of the Box, Nina Venjakob in 2013. At the same time, AkukhanYa was contacted to offer training in Germiston in 2016, and we formed a training partnership with GTKEC, our paths crossed again with Nina and Out of the Box. The synergy was magical.

Out of the Box offers brilliant skills training and it is a great fit with the learnerships offered by AkukhanYa and GTKEC. AkukhanYa doing the academic business training and OotB offering the practical skills training to our learners. They have opened a new centre in Albertskroon in Johannesburg just before the national lock down and even with the challenges this has presented, they are growing from strength to strength in their new premises. AkukhanYa continued to manage the Germiston centre for them.

Out of the Box is a Level 1 B-BBEE organisation and all donations to them is tax deductible.

Odoo • Text and Image
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WhiteZulu Human Capital

Anamari, the founder of WhiteZulu, and Jacqueline met in 2002. We became junior partners in MRM & Associates (an AET training company) at the same time in 2004 and left the company at the same time in 2005. Anamari went on to start WhiteZulu and Jacqueline founded AkukhanYa. We have stayed in contact throughout the years and have assisted each other on numerous occasions.

We reconnected more formally in 2016 and have formed a partnership around human capital issues. They are our number one go-to when we need assistance with HRD, B-BBEE, Skills Development, SETAs etc. We also highly recommend them to all our clients if they are in need of guidance in any of the above areas. Working with WhiteZulu is ALWAYS fun.

PARTNERS we have to acknowledge

We have a number of other partners without whom we would not be able to do what we do.
We would like to acknowledge them here, even if we are not "official" legal partners in business.

Independent Examination Board (IEB) All our AET & FLC examinations are written through the IEB. They are more than just an examination centre, they are our guide in all things AET & FLC. No matter our query, they are always willing to assist. They guide us through the curriculum, changes in legislation, assessment and moderation issues, exam papers, Portfolios of Evidence and so much more. We are for every thankful to them. (More about them here.)

The Services SETA We are accredited by the Services SETA and yes it is often a challenge to get hold of them, but they have been unmeasurably helpful in the accreditation process, learnership implementation procedures, updates of new happenings in the world of accreditation and registrations. (More about them here.)

The MQA SETA We have worked very closely with the Mining SETA with learnerships and we have nothing but nice things to say about them. This SETAs staff have always bent over back-wards to assist us and guide us. We truly would not have survived our first learnership contract without them. (More about them here.)

Umalusi Umalusi is the accreditation body for all things AET and we have worked closely with them for a lot of years. (More about them here.)

The Quality Council for Trades & Occupations The QCTO is now the first frontier in all things accreditation. (More about them here.)

The South African Qualifications Authority SAQA has been on the front line with all qualifications and NQF levels since the inception of the integrated education system in the new South Africa. We have learned an exceptional amount from them over the years and it is always a pleasure to interact with them.  (More about them here.)

Various Sector Education & Training Authorities AkukhanYa has worked with almost all 26 SETAs over the years. We thank each one of them for their guidance and assistance in all things education.

ESKOM The Germiston Out of the Box Skills TRaining Centre rent their premises from Eskom, who has been exceptionally generous to the centre through the lock down period, and after. We thank them sincerely. (More about them here.)

Stanley Black & Decker provided the centre with a fully equipt woodwork training centre. It is a joy for our learners and woodwork trainers alike. We own them a HUGE shout out. (More about them here.)

RAIN There is no cable internet in the area where we operate in Germiston, RAIN has been our internet provider for the past two years and has been really good to us. (More about them here.)

Spot Watch Security SWS is our security company at the Germiston training centre. They are excellent and has been very accommodating throughout the 2020 chaos.. (More about them here.)

NEDBANK has been AkukhanYa's business bank since 2008 and is also now our bank of preference for all our division accounts. (More about them here.)

Lava Trailers always offer us the most exception prices when we rent from them - which is often as we collect materials for our skills training courses. (More about them here.)