THE Sweepstake entry form for companies | organisations

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PLEASE complete this form if you are buying a ticket(s) as a company or organisation and submit.
You can either email proof of payment with the form, or you can attach proof of payment and send it with the form. We need this so that so we can make SURE that your payment & details match up and you receive your ticket(s). We would HATE for anyone to get "lost" because we cannot match the payment with their details.

The email address to send proof of payment is:

If you have any problems, please email us or call us on +27 84 881 0181 and speak to Tina Lephoto or ask for Jacqueline Klem.

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours after your payment shows in the Karabo-inc bank account.

Your entry form

Complete all the areas below and just click on the SEND button at the end and we will receive it on our end. The areas with an "*" behind it are compulsory to complete, those without an "*" behind them are optional.

E-mail this form for company or organisational sweepstake entry

Banking details

When you have decided how many sweepstake tickets you wish to purchase, please make sure you indicate it on the form above.
Payments can be done either via EFT or direct deposit. All payments must be made only into the Karabo-inc account. This is the only official account for this sweepstake.

  • Account Name: Karabo

  • Bank: Nedbank

  • Type of Account: Cheque Account

  • Account Number: 1186219572

  • Branch Code: Cresta 191305 

  • Swift Code: EDSZAJJ

  • Reference:  Your Name & Surname | Company Name (This is really important so we can match your payment with your details.)

Please make sure you send us Proof of Payment to the following email account: