Proudly South African!!!
As good as any other

A "whisky"or a "tequila" made in South Africa. A brandy that rolls on the tough. Bubbly's that make your heart sing. Wine in red or white or dry or sweet or pink, no matter what your choice, you can be assured there are EXCELLENT South African choices available.

What about a good craft beer, made by an all-woman team, or something nice on the palette, but good for the head.

If you are one of the winners in our R500 prize package you can choose your own poison and received it with a packet of biltong and a packet of droƫwors - made in typical South African style.

Maybe you would prefer a package of coffee or tea from the finest in Africa and South Africa, or you are more a nuts and dried fruit fundi. It could be that you have a real appreciation for the sweet in live and would rather receive a homemade fudge, nougat and other delicatessens made here in SA.

You could have a wall with an empty spot what would be ideal for one of the paintings or photographs by a SA artist.

It does not matter your taste - you will be able to choose from any of the options listed under the R500 category on the PRIZES page. You will not receive a package of a drink you don't like or a picture you think is ugly - no, you can choose your own dream package and have it delivered to your front door.

This seems like a sweet deal - or should we rather say sweepstake choice?

Doing the impossible