The Prize Makers

There are a number of small business owners who have had NO income for the past couple of months. They have grown out of "Out of the Box Skills Training Centre" or have been contracted trainers for both "Out of the Box" and "AkukhanYa". This sweepstake is about supporting them as much as it is about financially assisting our training centres. We are therefore "buying" the prizes from them. This provides them income, us with amazing prizes and nobody is receiving a "handout", but can face the Christmas Season | New Year with pride and hope for 2021.


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Florah Rathaga 

Our sewing class guru. Florah is not only our sewing trainer but the CMT (cut make & trim) professional at Out of the Box.
Florah will be overseeing the mask project & also making some of the masks we will be distributing in the informal settlements during the holiday period.
She is also the creator of the 40 x braai aprons for the sweepstake competition. It will be difficult to find a sweeter "hustler" & entrepreneur.

She can be contacted at 071 181 1042

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PETER (OUPA) MAkinta  

Peter owns his own company called Peters Lampshades. He makes specialised wire lampshade frames for interior decorators on consignment. He also provides the lampshades for the learners who learn to cover lampshades. Peter teaches our learners about making things with wire.
Peter will be making the wire baskets for the succulent plant holders for the sweepstake competition. He will oversee the making of the specialised wire cars by one of our unemployed learners specialising in making theses.

He can be contacted at 072 247 6958
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Gerald Marekera 

Gerald's hands can do almost anything, from servicing the sewing machine and equipment for the centre, to upholstery and designing backpacks & bags from recycled materials, as well as making them. He & his mom, with their sewing team will be making teh back to school bags for the "Make Them Smile" Project.
Gerald will be doing the upholstery prizes for the raffle competition.

He can be contacted at 084 656 2160
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MAUD Marekera

Maud has industrial machines and makes almost anything on consignment. She also teaches the learners how to work on industrial machines.
Maud will be making the wine, beer & cold drink & overnight bags for the sweepstake prizes. She & Gerald will also be responsible for the "Make Them Smile" project back to school bags.

She can be contacted at 083 313 8892
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Kenny & MIKE  

They do not only run a small, but well equipped , screen printing business, they also teach our learners about screen printing. We have a number of learners who have started their own businesses after the training. They also do all screen printing for AkukhanYa, such as our masks and T-Shirts.
This team will be doing all the printing work for the sweepstake competition, from the calendars, to the files, to "number plates" and more. We love working with them.

Mike can be contacted at 082 451 8296 | Kenny can be contacted at 073 820 3625
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Rushmore MArehwa

Rushmore is one guy we do not want to fight with. He is s 4 DAN black belt karate instructor & personal trainer. He is also our brilliant computer trainer and fixer of all things technology. Rushmore will be the instructor for the New Year Boot-camp, as well as the computer training classes and karate classes for whoever is so lucky to wins these prizes.

Rushmore can be contacted at 061 025 0187
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Uncle Alex is a qualified cabinet maker who was retrenched during lock-down. We snatched him up as our woodwork trainer since our guy left Gauteng after lock-down. He is so patient with the learners and a real asset to the centre. Uncle Alex will be making the picnic tables for the raffle competition. Each table will be customized according to the prize winner's preference.

Uncle Alex can be contacted through AkukhanYa at 084 881 0181
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Anchen de Beer

Anchen has green fingers like nobody else we know. She is our gardener and vegetable garden trainer. Anchen will prepare all the plant prizes for the raffle competition.
Anchen and her sister also run a house cleaning service and they are responsible for sanitizing of our premises during this pandemic.

Anchen can be contacted through AkukhanYa at 084 881 0181
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Rob Wing

Rob has years of experience in the meat world. He makes the most mouthwatering biltong, droëwors and droëwors for pets. Rob will be making all these treats for our alcohol and sweets gift packs. He currently works from his fully set up home base and also makes lovely chili bites on assignment.

Rob can be contacted through Elaine at 082 556 8248

Convinced yet that this is a worthwhile cause to support?


There are a number of prizes that are not made by the above entrepreneurs but sourced from local businesses. Proudly South African!


OAkes Brew House, Modderfontein

Oakes Brew House  was established in 2013 and claims the title of the first women-only brewery in the country. Delia Bailey and Thea Blom took the plunge and opened a craft beer brewery with Happy Sekanka as their head brewer. She’s a young, black brewmaster and a force to be reckoned with within this male-dominated industry. The brewery produces four beers – a weiss, an American pale ale, a stout and a blonde – all of which are available for purchase, as well as on tap at Oakes Brew House.

Oakes Brew House, 101 High Street, Modderfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 72 211 1281
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Gilroy’s Brewery, Muldersdrift

A day outing at its best,  Gilroy’s Brewery is one of those spots where guests pop in for one beer and end up staying for hours. There’s great food, live music and a bustling atmosphere, with amazing craft beer to complement it all. On Saturdays at 11am guests can book a brewery experience with Steve Gilroy himself. He’ll share his impressive knowledge, add some humour to the mix and guests will get to taste the four beers under Gilroy’s label.

Find them by travelling on the R114 (Muldersdrift/Diepsloot) and look out for the Ngwenya Village, close to the N14/Beyers Naude ramps, Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa, +27 11 796 3020

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Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky

Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky is the only commercial whisky distillery on the African continent. It is also the only whisky made exclusively from 100% South African grown corn. The international nature of whisky was driven home when a South African whisky, Bain’s Cape Mountain Whisky, was awarded the World’s Best Grain Whisky at the 2018 World Whisky Awards. Andy Watts, the founder and Master Distiller of Bain’s, was also awarded the title of Global Icon of Whisky Master Distiller/Master Blender. Bain’s Cape Mountain whisky is produced at the Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington, South Africa. 

Their website and the article about their award

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A local businesswoman has created a South African “tequila” from agave plants she’s growing in the Karoo. And although the finished product can’t legally be called tequila, Leonista’s 100% Karoo Agave, which has a smoky flavour profile similar to Mexican mezcal, has won fans and distribution deals around the world.

Her solution was to create a certified organic product made only from the agave plant that follows the centuries-old traditions used in Mexico. As with products like champagne and port, appellation of origin laws prevent anyone outside of Mexico from calling their spirit tequila or mezcal, but Kennan says Leonista follows processes that makes it as close as you can get to the original.. 

Their website and the article about their award

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The  range is a collection of beautiful and practical items made from traditional 3 Cats Shwe Shwe.

Our mission is to create jobs and reduce waste to landfill, so while you could never tell, the foundation and lining of all of our products are made from up-cycled billboards, tents and even offcuts from car seat covers! Some of our trims have also been reclaimed from old bags and other goodies. We work with various community projects an d NGOs in the Germiston area to uplift those communities and provide real change to their lives. We also work with women-owned micro businesses at the Riversands Incubation hub near Diepsloot.

Their eco smart website and swe shwe website
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As they say, "the best things come in glass. 

Consol is a local business, situated in Alrode, Ekurhuleni Metropolitan. They have been a supporter of Out of the Box for a number of years and we value their partnership. Their Solar Jar is a great prize to win, as it can be filled with anything tasty and used as a night light around the braai fire. These are really nice and very handy prizes to be won. There might even be some biltong bites lurking in the jar.

The Consol  ebsite and solar jar website
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Different local artists. 

We have the option of different local artists painting to choose from. The winners of these prizes will have the option to choose which artists work they like the best and which painting they prefer. Paintings are displayed at The Shack Shop of Out of the Box in Albertskroon.

The Shack Shop and Out of the Box website
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AS you can see we are fully supporting South African brands