There is a number of ways we will be helping communities with this sweepstake.

ONE WAY - The "Make Them Smile"Project is about... helping a number of families that are really struggling to have a great Christmas, with food parcels and toys for the kids. In the new year, we also have stationery packs for kids when they go back to school. Bags made by one of the entrepreneurs at our Germiston centre and printing done by another entrepreneur at the centre.

You can read more about it  HERE
You can also read about the families and their stories here

* Full disclosure:
We believe charity begins at home, so a number of these families are related to our learners and staff. Not their own, but related or live near them. It is people we know and care about.

ANOTHER WAY - Families being supported through registered welfare organisations. There are a number of welfare organisations we have worked with over the years and this has been a hard year for them in a number of ways. Income and donations had dropped dramatically and need have risen dramatically. One of the organisations have 12 white families they cannot get sponsorship for, another organisation assist with food parcels to hundreds of families in the informal settlements. The need is great, the resources are limited. That is why a percentage of every ticket will be donated to these various charities.

Full disclosure will be made of each charity, their legal status, and the amounts donated to them when the sweepstake comes to a close.

The more tickets we sell, the more assistance we can offer.

You can read more about it  HERE